Deep Blue Globe is a startup based in Darmstadt (Germany) developing artificial intelligence solutions for the maritime industry based on Earth observation data and satellite services.

Making use of data from the Copernicus program, funded by the European Commission, Deep Blue Globe has developed a solution that optimises the journey of ships saving them time and fuel on any kind of route from regional to international journeys.

The solution can be offered to all kinds of fleet operators shipping cargo, including tankers, consumer goods, plus fishing fleets, ferries, and cruise liners and also small maritime operators and sailors.

Deep Blue Globe addresses B2B and also B2C markets providing as an enterprise product, installed on client’s servers, or a Software as a Service accessible by web services.

DBG is currently going through final testing stages and is looking for a trial partner in the maritime industry to test live and in an operational environment the combination of the latest weather forecast data, fuel consumption and navigation information. By measuring journeys, DBG can apply deep learning techniques to further enhance maritime journeys.